la petite chocolatière

chocolate couture

made by hand; made with love.

Our mission is simple: we craft fine chocolate creations, each one lovingly made by hand, using only the freshest ingredients and the finest Belgian chocolate.

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At La Petite Chocolatière, we believe that chocolate isn't just a treat — it's an art form.

In our shop, we strive to create the most beautiful, delicious chocolates by hand, without sacrificing quality or creativity.

We make every single piece of chocolate in small batches to ensure that each one is as fresh and flavorful as possible. We don't use preservatives, artificial flavours, or additive colours. And we never mass-produce our chocolates — they are all made right in the shop, by hand. That's because we believe that you deserve nothing less.

Our mission is simple: to provide you with beautiful, flavorful chocolates that you can taste the difference in. We hope you'll find something here for everyone on your list!

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A gift is the perfect way to say thank you, show appreciation, or celebrate a special event like a birthday party or anniversary. At La Petite Chocolatière, we understand that every occasion deserves a great gift, and provide all types of custom chocolate icon gifts.

Want to gift a personalized chocolate box to your loved ones, guests, or favourite clients? Use the custom order form below to get started, or send us an email.

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Each of our custom boxes comes with a free chocolate guidebook to help everyone find their favorites.Use the fields below to customize the name and message on the front cover.

Includes the name of your business, event, or a quick thankyou fo the front cover(maximum of 25 characters).

A longer message thanking your clients,friends, of honoured guests inside of the cover.

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stack of white chocolate and almonds

bar chocolate

chocolat blanc

Delicate, creamy and utterly delicious, our white chocolate is a world-class treat for dessert-lovers. Crafted from sustainable cocoa, eating these bars feels as good as it tastes.

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brick of dark chocolate with edible flower

bar chocolate

chocolat noir

The idea behind chocolat noir is simple: pure, honest chocolate. This bar is crafted to showcase a more pronounced real chocolate taste, without milk solids or excess sugar. Always bold, always pure.

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pieces of hazelnut chocolatewith more roasted nuts added on top.

snacking chocolate

chocolat aux noisettes

Try our delightful blend of pan-roasted hazelnuts and delicious milk chocolate.

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snack of white, dark, milk chocolate bars

bar chocolate

chocolat assorti

Made from the best cocoa beans in the world, these bars are renowned for their intense flavor.

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a spread of loosely chopped baking chocolates

baking chocolate

cuisson du chocolat

We believe that chocolate is more than just a treat—it's an experience. That's why we aim to give you an experience beyond your expectations with our chocolates.

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assorted chocolate hearts with merci stamped on them

thoughtful gifts

coeurs en chocolat

We use only the freshest ingredients in our chocolates, and we never mass-produce. Each chocolate creation is made by hand in small batches, fresh in our shop every day.

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